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Team Sasquatch Brings Home Gold

By Okanogan County Special Olympics

Special to Okanogan Living

The Okanogan County Sasquatch Special Olympics teams traveled to the Spring Games at Pacific Lutheran University earlier this month.

Both athletics and soccer athletes competed over the fun-filled weekend. Athletes had the opportunity to participate in Opening Ceremony on Friday night, health screenings, “Olympic Town,” and attend a dance on Saturday night.

Many athletes enjoyed socializing with athletes from other areas whom they see at Special Olympics gatherings.

Athletics was represented by four of our state-eligible athletes who each competed in two events on Saturday and one event on Sunday. Athletes compete against groups of others of their gender, age and abilities in their chosen events.

Results are as follows:

Eli Richards — Shot put, gold; 100m dash, fifth, 200m walk, gold.

Jaxsin Rizonelli ­— Softball throw, fourth;, 100m, gold; 50m walk, gold.

JJ Jones — Shot put, fourth; 100m dash, fifth;  200m walk, gold.

Hailey Swayze­— Softball throw, fourth;  100m dash, sixth; 200m walk, gold.

Soccer Skills just had one day of competition. We had one Athlete representing us.

Shaylee Tonasket took fourth, with just 20 points separating her score from that of the gold medalist. The bracket was very well-matched!

Traditional Team Soccer:

Saturday the team played three seeding matches to see who they would compete against on Sunday, then played two games Sunday to see which team would get which awards.

Saturday's results:

Game 1 — Sasquatch 3, Pierce County 2

Game 2 — Sasquatch 7, Everett Wildcats 2

Game 3-Sasquatch 2, Tri-Cities Mighty Badgers 1

That put the team in first place heading into Sunday’s semifinals and finals!

Sunday morning, the Sasquatch won decisively (5-0) over Pierce County, earning their spot in the finals.

They faced the Tri Cities Mighty Badgers and lost 2-1, reversing the scoreboard from their match against the Badgers Saturday, to take home the silver medal. Like skills, a well-matched bracket and lots of fun to watch.


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