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Brock and Adeena Hires are owners/operators of Okanogan Living magazine.

Welcome to Okanogan Living!

     We are a local magazine dedicated to bringing you the best that North Central Washington’s Okanogan County has to offer.


     Each month we highlight events and activities our readers can take part in, and  pass along stories about our region’s rich history, culture and heritage. We also  keep our readers  in the loop with what’s going on in the community and share stories about local residents - just like you.

     You’ll find out about you neighbors who go above-and- beyond to serve their communities, those who selflessly give to make thing a little bit better, and unspoken heroes who rise above all odds to make our region more pleasurable.

     In short, we’re simply offering a platform to showcase the best Okanogan County has to offer.

"In our continued pursuit to broaden our knowledge and discover our heritage of the people and places that make The Okanogan, we aspire to provide an informative, interesting, and affordable publication for all generations to enjoy."
- Okanogan Living mission statement

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