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Some Pig: 600-pound Swine Re-Homed to Malott

Fur Ever Yours Animal Rescue

Special to Okanogan Living

Fur Ever Yours Animal Rescue, a dedicated non-profit organization in Okanogan County, is pleased to announce that Lola, a beloved 600-pound pig, has found her forever home. This heartwarming rescue story highlights our local community's compassion and the remarkable efforts of local animal lovers.

Lola, a sweet female pot belly and hog mix, has captured the hearts of many. Now 7 years old, she was first rescued as an eight-week-old piglet by Genie Jones of Everett, Wash.

Raised with plenty of love, and with the family’s children, Lola learned to “go potty,” enjoys sunbathing, and delights in splashing around in her kiddie pool. She shared her life with dogs and ducks in her family's rental home, creating a harmonious family who loves to care for homeless animals.

However, the heartwarming story faced a challenge when the landlord decided to sell the family’s home of 19 years. With her future in limbo, Lola needed a new place to call home.

In response, Fur Ever Yours Animal Rescue stepped in to ensure Lola’s story had a happy ending. After a thorough search, the rescue found Sarah Hubbard, an animal lover in Malott, who is in the process of establishing Leo’s Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. This nonprofit will be a safe haven for goats, pigs, dogs, and now, Lola. Here, Lola will be able to enjoy her golden years surrounded by love, care, and new animal friends.

"We are overjoyed to have found a perfect retirement home for Lola," said Cristian Mercado, social media manager and board member of Fur Ever Yours Animal Rescue. "Sarah's sanctuary is an ideal place where Lola can continue to enjoy the sunshine, her kiddie pool, and the companionship of other animals. This rescue was a community effort, including a borrowed horse trailer from animal welfare advocate Penelope Evans Varn of Twisp. We are grateful for everyone’s support."

Lola's story is a testament to the power of community and compassion. Fur Ever Yours Animal

Rescue extends its deepest gratitude to Genie Jones for her dedication and love for Lola, and to Sarah Hubbard for opening her heart and home to this gentle giant.

For those inspired by Lola's story and interested in supporting Fur Ever Yours Animal Rescue, please visit our website or contact us directly. Every contribution helps us continue our mission to rescue and re-home animals in need.


— Fur Ever Yours Dog Rescue (also known as Fur Ever Yours Animal Rescue) is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering communities to nurture lifelong bonds between people and their animal companions, our nonprofit is dedicated to fostering compassion, understanding, and support.


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